Dogs as Companion Species - Eve Marko, Zen Buddhist teacher and writer

December 25, 2016

Roberta Chadis, Host, Sit.Stay.Listen.  & DogHealth News ; Guest - Eve Marko, Zen Buddhist teacher and writer, Eve Marko , The Dogs of the Kiskadee Hills, Hunt for the Lynx ; Eve talks about how we share our homes with dogs as companion species, how we truly can bear witness to dogs and much more.  Eve Marko has written mystery mini-books and a biography of Clara Barton for young readers, as well as articles and books on Zen meditation, social action, and making peace. While she has traveled to many countries, she considers her life at home with dogs the richest learning experience of all.  Many thanks to Eve for her work and for this fascinating interview which will open your heart and your awareness to dogs beyond your imagination.


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